SmartDriveComau 800L

Value propositions

  • High-speed machining with dynamic precision able to obtain higher productivity and better quality of performed processes.
  • Choice of spindles and tool magazines to cope with most demanding applications of Powertrain main components.
  • Highly rigid design of the structure ensures excellent vibration behavior for roughing and finishing operations.
  • The rotary tables (A-Axis,B-Axis or combination of both) are direct-driven by high torque motors, ensuring accuratelong-term repeatabilityand no wear.
  • The modular configurationsfor loading/unloading offerthe possibility of integrationwithin state-of-the-art flexibleand reusable manufacturing systems.
  • Energy saving mode management. Reduced fluid consumption. Latest generation components with low energy consumption.
  • Fitted for MQL or dry machining.
  • Compact footprint.

Technical specifications

Drive TechnologyLinear Motor
X Stroke (mm)800
Y Stroke (mm)730
Z Stroke (mm)800
Axis Technology and Stroke