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Comau presents its factory-proven e-mobility solutions at CWIEME 2019

The leading all-in-one provider for every steps of the E-Vehicle value chain

Berlin, May 21, 2019 – Comau, a global leader in advanced industrial automation products and integrated production systems, presents its competencies, innovative products and technologies and consolidated experience that are driving its leadership in the E-Mobility industry. "Know How. Right Now. The forefront of mobility" is the concept behind Comau's ability to support the customer in each area of the E-Vehicle manufacturing process. From batteries, E-Motor and drivelines to internal combustion engine (ICE) and body assembly, Comau is hard at work assisting both established OEMs and new players with their electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing needs.

For the first time at CWIEME 2019 (Berlin, 21-23 May – booth 31A02), Comau openly discusses how its vast portfolio of products and technologies combine standard modularity, scalable flexibility and innovative digital features to support different E-Mobility production paths from pilot projects to high volume production systems. The company reveals how it is helping customers all over the world meet the dynamic demands of the market in a highly competitive timeframe – from product industrialization and prototyping to production support through engineering, manufacturing and commissioning.

"Comau's commitment in the field of E-Mobility represents the continuous capacity of innovation that distinguishes our company to remain always one step ahead in a very competitive market," emphasized Gianfelice D'Ippolito, Comau Head of E-Mobility Sales EMEA. "Thanks to 45+ years of experience in industrial automation worldwide and 40+ E-Mobility projects already deployed in Europe and around the world, Comau remains a single source provider for comprehensive manufacturing technologies and systems for electric and traditional vehicles"

In the booth, Comau showcases also some of its latest in cutting-edge technologies: MATE (Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton), the wearable exoskeleton designed to improve work quality in a highly ergonomic manner by providing movement assistance to the operator during repetitive, as well as daily tasks; and e.DO, a modular, multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence designed to make learning and programming fun and more interactive.

For more information about Comau's fully integrated E-Mobility offer, visit us in Berlin at CWIEME 2019 or contact

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