MI.RA Thermography

Inline testing and quality control system

Focus on: MI.RA/Thermography

MI.RA/Thermography is an innovative, inline testing and quality control system that optimizes the construction and assembly of next-generation batteries. Designed for industrial-scale battery manufacturing, MI.RA/Thermography uses thermal imaging and artificial intelligence to perform non-invasive automated assessment and control of welded joints – saving manufacturers time and costs by automatically evaluating surface defects and the electrical resistance of each joint before final assembly.

High electrical resistance, due to poor joint quality, can create high energy loss and heat generation. This can increase the joint temperature, provoke potential safety issues and reduce battery efficiency and integrity. Our MI.RA/Thermography  quality assessment solution tests the quality and efficiency of every joint without affecting cycle time or line layout. And by doing so before the final assembly process, it helps ensure safety while preventing waste.


  • In-line process monitoring and post-process quality check
  • Test, measure and control joint quality without affecting cycle times or line layouts
  • The fully-integrated solution uses IR cameras and artificial intelligence to assess each welded joint before the final assembly
  • Improved accuracy of aesthetic defect detection that often exceeds that of visual inspection
  • Real-time results are collected and used for analysis and re-training