Teach pendant

Teach Pendant Robot

Enhanced ergonomics, wrist fatigue reduction, ease of use, reduced overall weight, increased moveability. The power is in your hands.

Case and cable

  • Intensive design and attention to detail to guarantee enhanced ergonomics
  • Enabling keys on the back reduces wrist fatigue and ensures easier use of the central keyboard area
  • It can be handled more easily and in multiple ways to reduce operator fatigue at work
  • Light weight and greater maneuverability
  • The practical upper handle delivers increased moveability and enables the TP to be hung even when far from the controller

Family feeling

  • The ease of use allows quick learning by the operator via a “natural evolution” in respect to previous versions
  • Full compatibility with existing applications that have been developed by customers for the C5G platform

Hardware and software architecture

  • Improved graphics for more intuitive use
  • Faster USB port

Display and keyboard

  • 7” WIDE touch screen provides simplified and faster interaction
  • Optimized operations, even when using only the keyboard, for enhanced use in difficult production environments
  • Simplified keyboard designed to locate keys more easily during the programming phase thanks special tactile references on the membrane
  • Improved keyboard feedback when buttons are pressed