ur new MI.RA/3D technology makes 3D performance possible using 2D cameras

Focus on: MI.RA/3D

Our new MI.RA/3D technology makes 3D performance possible using 2D cameras. With its advanced analytic functionality, the 3D robot guidance system scans and compares images with an iterative reference database to successfully assist high-precision operations. And because its patented approach fully adapts the guidance precision to meet the specific requirements of the task at hand, the robot can perform challenging tasks smarter, and with increased accuracy.

Perfect for pick and place, loading and unloading, logistics piece selection and more, MI.RA/3D ensures optimal positioning with maximum flexibility. The all-in-one pose estimation system assesses the complete aspect of a rigid body and compares it with a pre-prepared reference image. In analyzing the image deformation caused by roto-translation, the system instructs the robot to re-define its grasp pose as needed – guaranteeing better precision with lower overall costs.         


  • Hardware agnostic and robot agnostic: choose the best configuration for your application
  • CPU agnostic: deploy the solution on different processing units
  • Optimized User Interface, easy-to-use system set-up and seamless line integration
  • Fully adapts to changes in lighting conditions with IR light support
  • Smaller overall footprint translates to floor space savings