SmartCell Comau

Value Propositions

  • Reliability: Parallel process vs. serial process.
  • Scalability: Align capital investment to market demand.
  • Fast retool: Easy tool change for production flexibility.
  • Less floor space: Up to 50%.
  • Delivery: Short duration due to standard machine.
  • Production: Reduced launch time.
  • Improved material logistics: Single point delivery of material.
  • Lean manufacturing: Reduction of WIP (Work In Process).
  • Power and fluid consumption reduction.
  • Nominal consumption auto learning function (option).
  • Extra consumption monitoring and alert (option).
  • Consumption data collection and cost analysis (option).
  • Power, air and coolant consumption monitoring Energy saving function management (Ecosmart, option).
  • Plant energy supervision predisposed (option).

Technical specifications

Width (mm)2.200
Length (mm)4.800
Heigth (mm)3.100
Axis Stroke
X Axis (mm)2.110
Y Axis (mm)2.000
Z Axis (mm)600
α (Alpha) (degree)225ccw – 135cw
β (Beta) (degree)15ccw – 15cw
Main Sizes