SmartRevComau 60CM

Value Propositions

  • Experience: Comau is one of the only leading providers mastering both processes: machining, balancing and turnkey offerings (half line).
  • Flexibility: performing multiple crankshaft types or lengths and optional automatic change-over solutions.
  • Versatility: Manual or automatic part loading, with protection.
  • Crankshaft Dedicated Machines: Achieving outstanding results with robust and reliable solutions.
  • Balancing: Right the first time.
  • Energy saving mode management.
  • Reduced fluids consumption.
  • Latest generation components with low energy consumption.
  • Compact footprint

Technical specifications

Engine ConfigurationInline or V-engine (I2, I3, I4, I5, V6, V8)
Length (mm)250 to 600
Maximum Weight (kg)30
Max. Counterweight Diam. (mm)200
Crankshaft Characteristics