Master of Science in Innovation and Technology Management

Get ready to master the innovation that surrounds you

​Earn a Master of Science degree in Innovation and Technology Management from the Università Cattolica di Milano while acquiring the multidisciplinary skills needed to approach the new business contexts accompanying Industry 4.0.

The first program of its kind, this innovative two-year master degree focuses on interdisciplinary skill creation for international students who have studied different curricula, such as Physics, Economics and Psychology.  What’s more, students get to choose between two study paths – Innovation Process Management, designed for students seeking to obtain a managerial role within industrial, service and consultancy companies, or Entrepreneurship, for students who dream of spearheading or being part of an emerging company or business venture.

The initiative, which benefits from Comau Academy’s people-focused learning philosophy, combines methodological and analytical skills with applications and business practices.

Targeted Skills

​The Master of Science degree in Innovation and Technology Management is designed to help you develop the professional skills and communicative effectiveness required to face emerging business opportunities within our increasingly digital economy.