Laser Technology

Laser Applications: Laser Technologies and Systems

Fast and flexible, Comau’s patented laser technology reduces cycle times while increasing overall quality with the added benefit of remote control.


With over four decades of experience in advanced industrial automation, Comau’s focus on assembly innovation includes the standardization of flexible laser systems that increase process quality and productivity levels.

Such competence in laser process definition and specific tool design extends to our portfolio of comprehensive solutions able to satisfy the specific requirements of advanced materials, including high-volume laser welding for aluminum parts.

Our proprietary, easy-to-use laser technology for cutting, welding and brazing is a direct response to the increasing requirement for efficiency, productivity and quality in today’s high-volume processes.


Comau has been involved in laser applications since 1985. At present, there are more than 120 laser systems installed across 13 different countries, which contribute to the production of tens of thousands of parts/year.

Our global team consists of experienced senior engineers based in the USA, Europe and China, along with three fully functional laser labs in Italy, China and the USA for testing and prototyping.


Comau offers turnkey solutions for laser brazing, cutting and welding by integrating technologically advanced standard products and laser equipment.