High-speed Underbody Transfer

Designed to transfer elements in the quickest, most precise way possible, this in-line body transfer system is not just fast; it’s very fast.

Versapallet is an “in-line fast transfer system” based on a precision geometry tooling pallet that moves a body through the production lines.It replaces fixed underbody tooling in the body shop and it provides the flexibility for several models on a common system.Typically used for underbody respot, framing, & framing respot.

Many applications have been sold to the main car makers and installed in the USA, China, Mexico and Europe for Underbody and Bodyside.

Product Features

  • High-speed Power Roller Bed (weld to weld time 6 seconds)
  • Closed-loop control solution – VersaDrive and VersaCoder
  • High-speed transfer–reduces the number of stations required 
  • No switches for transfer–high reliability
  • No adjustments required–simple to maintain
  • High positioning precision (+-0.5 mm)
  • High geometrical accuracy with Geo-pallet (+-0.1 mm).
  • No pipes and wires on Geo-Pallet

Global product experts guarantee engineering/process support. World-wide distribution is available with the proper support.