Comau wins Quality Benchmark award in China

Comau was honored as a “Quality Benchmark” enterprise

Comau honored with the “Quality Benchmark” Award from Shanghai Commission for its high quality project management

The Shanghai Economic and Information Commission recently announced the list for the Shanghai Quality Benchmark Award (2023-2024). Among the companies being recognized, Comau was honored as a “Quality Benchmark” enterprise for its commitment to high-quality project management aligned with global customer needs. Comau is one of only two companies in Songjiang District to receive this prestigious recognition, highlighting their leadership and dedication to quality management and customer service excellence.

The selection process for the “Quality Benchmark” award, organized citywide by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, aims to identify exemplary enterprises for quality, improve manufacturing reliability, and promote excellence in quality engineering.

The focus is on acknowledging companies that drive enhancements in quality management systems, key process quality control capabilities, digitalization of quality management, and integration with industry supply chain quality standards to elevate their brand through quality improvement.

Strong focus on customer satisfaction

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation at its core. Comau has developed a unique project management model known as the Comau Quality House. The approach is backed by a range of ISO & GB system certifications in non-standard automation areas.

This model combines quality culture, management practices, information facilities, and organizational resources to meet global customer needs and ensure high-quality project management from beginning to end, resulting in improved project delivery quality and shorter delivery times.

By utilizing Comau’s distinctive project management expertise, the number of overseas multinational project orders has significantly increased in the past three years. Comau has also received praise from both domestic and international customers for the method, while consistently lowering internal service costs.

Value-based innovation in quality management

The Shanghai “Quality Benchmark” award recognizes Comau’s dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through value-based innovation in quality management. With its extensive industry experience, Comau is considered a leader in industry development.

Going forward, the company will continue to maintain its focus on high quality, supported by global operations and technical expertise, driving advancements in industry quality levels and technology innovation to contribute to the growth of the manufacturing sector.