Comau joins the H2IT association to support the hydrogen supply chain with its automation expertises and technologies

With the aim of accelerating and making hydrogen more effective as a clean energy carrier, Comau has joined H2IT (Italian Hydrogen Association), providing technologies, knowledge and support for the large-scale integration of dedicated, innovative and advanced technologies.

H2IT is made up of a heterogeneous group of realities active in the hydrogen industry sector, comprising research centers and universities, small and medium-sized enterprises and large organizations, technology clusters and local authorities, and representing the Italian supply chain of the sector in Europe. 

Thanks to its experience in the field of renewable energies, in multiple industrial sectors, Comau will work closely with companies that are part of H2IT, promoting the implementation of automation solutions for the production of electrolysers and fuel cells. In a still poorly automated manufacturing environment, according to Comau, the integration of such technologies is essential to speed up and optimize large-scale hydrogen adoption.

By becoming a partner of H2IT, Comau aims to expand and consolidate its network of strategic collaborations in the hydrogen sector in Italy and abroad, contributing even more widely with its solutions  to technical and institutional tables, European tenders, training and public disclosure events. Together with universities and research institutions, it is committed to promoting the launch of doctorates and targeted R&D projects aimed at the research and integration of new talent in the company.

Comau has long been engaged in the development of a proprietary portfolio of technologies that can automate the key steps of manufacturing components and machinery for hydrogen production and consumption, such as electrolyzers and fuel cells, from cell preparation, to stacking, compression, welding and leak testing. Comau’s solutions are already in use with industry-leading customers from Europe to China. In this way, Comau aims to help companies increase production volumes, improving product quality and, at the same time, reducing processing costs, through safe, sustainable and repeatable processes on an industrial scale. 

Comau is taking important steps in the industrialization of hydrogen-related manufacturing processes, essential for its widespread adoption. Membership of Italian associations with international resonance, such as H2IT, enable the company to strengthen its commitment in this area, bringing the topic of automation to the institutional discussion tables in an increasingly prominent manner. We are at a crucial historical time to invest in the development of hydrogen technologies and to create an integrated business system that prepares Italy for the rapid development of the market. In this context, automation is a must-have key for Comau to make the hydrogen economy effective and sustainable in the long term”.

Lucrezia Morabito, Product and Solution Manager for Comau’s Advanced Automation Solutions Business Unit