Comau underscores key automotive and electrification manufacturing strategies at Torino’s International Automotive Body Congress 2024

  • Comau is a holistic partner for manufacturing and e-manufacturing within an industry in transformation
  • Comau’s proprietary and dedicated solutions cover body assembly, powertrain assembly, battery production and end-of-life dismantling 
  • Comau will explore problem-solutions for in-line testing and battery dismantling strategies

Grugliasco (Turin) – June 6, 2024 – With over 50 years of experience as a leading global technology partner for the automotive industry, Comau re-confirms its role as an advanced automation solutions provider at the International Automotive Body Congress (IABC), being held in Turin Italy from June 4-6, 2024. During the event, which aims to advance engineering and safety in the global automotive industry, Giovanni Di Stefano, Comau’s Head of Products and Solutions Engineering for Advanced Automation Solutions, spoke about innovative technologies in electrification. 

With specific reference to the use of thermography for real-time in-line certification of welded underbody joints, and the use of advanced robotics for managing electric battery recycling and reuse, Di Stefano outlined various problem-solution scenarios for an increasingly sustainable manufacturing approach. The presentation, entitled “Electrification: innovative technologies for underbody manufacturing and de-manufacturing” will be held at 15.30 CET on June 6, at the “Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia Congress Center” within Torino’s Automotive Museum.

Emphasizing Comau’s commitment to developing increasingly innovative technologies for the automotive industry, Di Stefano explored two distinct electrification applications. The first addresses the need to ensure structural quality when laser-welding dissimilar materials during the underbody manufacturing process. Comau’s non-invasive proposal combines thermal imaging and artificial intelligence to automatically test the welded joints. As an integrated part of the real-time assembly process, the solution helps verify the integrity of the joint while minimizing waste and improving production efficiency.

Looking instead at electric battery recycling, Di Stefano reviewed the benefits and performance of the Flexible Battery Dismantling (Flex-BD) system that Comau developed within the collaborative context of EIT Manufacturing, an innovation-dedicated community funded by the European Union within the EIT. Featuring a combination of advanced robotics, powerful vision systems and a low-code programming approach, Flex-BD aims to make the re-manufacturing of resource demanding batteries both economically and technically feasible. A key enabler of safe and efficient automated battery recycling, the solution also helps ensure high repeatability and quality, improved and compliance with circularity principals and reduced operator exposure to dangerous chemicals or high voltage devices. 

As a holistic manufacturing and e-manufacturing partner within the evolving automotive landscape, Comau’s participation at IABC is especially symbolic. The 3-day dedicated event takes place in the same Italian city in which the global company was founded.