Comau won the “Capek Excellence in application scenario” award for Nio’s next-gen e-drive project

Shanghai, Jun 4, 2024 – At the recent 2024 China International Robot Summit and the 10th Capek Award Ceremony, Comau received the “2023 Excellence in Application Scenario Award” for the automated production line jointly built with NIO, the automaker’s third-generation electric drive systems. The Capek Award is highly esteemed within the Chinese robotics industry, and Comau’s consistent success in winning these awards over the past decade is a testament to its outstanding performance in the realm of industrial robotics and intelligent automation solutions.

Throughout the years, Comau has played a significant role in the automotive sector, emerging as a leading partner  for high-quality and innovative production systems. This success can be attributed to the company’s extensive experience in managing large and complex projects, as well as its technological expertise, which have enabled Comau to effectively adapt to the changing landscape of e-mobility. In fact the company has consistently demonstrated its proficiency in e-mobility through successful projects with various OEMs and battery manufacturers, both locally and internationally.

Comau’s award-winning project exemplifies its abilities in  delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the customer. The complete system includes motor assembly, gearbox and inverter assembly, and end-of-line (EOL) testing, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence in providing customized industrial automation solutions. Furthermore, the Comau-developed manufacturing lines enable the mass production of 1 million units of EDS per year, ensuring the fast and reliable co-line production for NIO’s third-gen induction motors and permanent magnet motors. Not only do the lines embody the principles of lean production, flexible manufacturing, and scalable design, they also introduce technological innovations to enhance efficiency. For example, a new positioning method has been developed to cater to the diverse production requirements of different electric drive products while reducing changeover times. Additionally, the use of quadnocular stereovision 3D cameras improves efficiency and enables seamless automatic positioning and assembly of components. Comau has further enhanced production efficiency by integrating technologies such as 3D vision-guided robots, AGVs for autonomous material supply, and automatic tool-end loading. 

Comau is committed to improving production efficiency and product quality for its customers through continuous innovation and outstanding service. In the future, Comau will continue to prioritize market and customer needs, promote technological advancement, and contribute to industry development to achieve mutually beneficial growth alongside its customers.