Comau presents its collaboration with Ecovadis and the assessment of its own sustainability strategy, highlighting results in supply activities

Bologna, May 23, 2023 – Today Comau participated in  the eighth edition of the “Sustainable Procurement Summit” in Bologna, an annual corporate sustainability congress organised by the international rating platform EcoVadis and benefit company The Procurement, with the aim of discussing how to achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals along the entire value chain. 

As part of the event, Leonardo De Toma, Head of Purchasing, and Marica Ravetto, Head of Sustainability & Excellence Industrial Operations at Comau, together with Federico Budassi, Account Executive ESG Solutions Italy at EcoVadis, spoke at the “Comau Experience: a Journey to Sustainable Procurement through EcoVadis Assessments” meeting. During the roundtable, Comau shared the guidelines that characterise its approach to sustainability in the industrial sector and the concrete  actions it is taking to reduce its environmental, social and management impact and that of its supply chain.

Comau is committed to developing and delivering advanced technological solutions, made with ever more efficient processes, thanks, for example, to digital technologies, which enable simulation before and then monitoring of ongoing activities, helping customers and suppliers to work efficiently, accompanying them through continuous growth, which enables them to achieve set sustainability goals. A strategy and operating mode that, with reference to the period 2021–2023, enabled the company to exploit 44% of energy from renewable sources in its processes, resulting in a reduction of 33% in its CO2 emission – just to name a few concrete examples.

“Anticipating the objectives set by the latest European directives, Comau is committed to managing its supply chain, worldwide, in a transparent and responsible manner, improving its operations in order to achieve the stated goals of the Net-Zero strategy promoted by the European Union. Following the evaluation journey conducted through the EcoVadis platform, which began in 2023, Comau was able to, among other things,  adjust and improve its KPIs and, consequently, the actions necessary to achieve the company’s ESG objectives, encouraging its partners to follow the same path”.

Marica Ravetto, Head of Sustainability & Excellence Industrial Operations at Comau

“Comau’s ESG strategy aims to direct current and future suppliers towards the use of a common evaluation platform so that processes and analyses can be optimised, with a view to comprehensive and constant monitoring, enabling the entire value chain to achieve adequate and satisfactory sustainability goals. 20% of our orders globally are already covered by suppliers evaluated with EcoVadis, with the intention to increase this volume in the current year and in the coming ones, in order to be able to contribute to an increasingly sustainable management of the industrial system, in coordination with all Comau stakeholders in our relevant sectors”.

Leonardo De Toma – Head of Purchasing at Comau