CEO Pietro Gorlier addressed  opportunities and challenges of AI in a high level event in Italy, emphasizing Comau’s advances in this field

CEO Pietro Gorlier participated today in the roundtable organized on the occasion of the opening of the national Artificial Intelligence Cluster (AI4Industry Foundation), at the historical location of Museo del Risorgimento in Turin, to discuss the crucial role of AI in the industrial sector. The ceremony has been chaired by three Ministers of the Italian Government and marks an important step forward for technological innovation in Italy. The Center for the development of Artificial Intelligence, established in Turin, will start its activities by primarily supporting automotive and aerospace.
Our CEO outlined how Comau’s advanced technologies for industrial automation seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence to create flexible solutions able to respond to the customers’ needs in a variety of markets.  Specifically, our robots, which combine vision systems with AI protocols, are used not only in the automotive sector, but in many other sectors, such as logistics. Comau has an approach to open innovation and cooperates with an international network of associations, companies, universities, both in Italy and in the other countries in which it operates. Considering the importance of AI in our sector, in addition to our technology development, Comau is  also establishing an internal AI Competence Center.