Comau presented its innovative hydrogen automation systems at ENVIH2DAY

4 April 2024

Creating new opportunities and synergies among regional and European actors active in the field of hydrogen, that was the purpose of the H2 Day, which for the third time, Environment Park hosted on April 5, 2024, within its Congress Center at via Livorno 60 in Turin, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The initiative, organized following the previous meetings “Hydrogen and ecological transition” in 2022 and “Hydrogen as a sustainable driver” in 2023, focused on the prospects and opportunities of the hydrogen supply chain at national and international levels.

Comau participated in one of the pitch and networking sessions that took place throughout the day. The aim of the presentations was to showcase local and beyond-local realities working in the hydrogen supply chain and to create synergies.

Lucrezia Morabito, Product and Solutions Manager Advanced Automation Solutions, presented Comau’s automation solutions for the hydrogen value chain.

“We are taking important steps,” explained Eng. Morabito, “toward the industrialization of hydrogen-related processes, which are essential for its large-scale adoption, with several projects under way in Europe, the U.S. and China. It’s fundamental to recognize that this is the crucial time to invest in this technology and create a system of companies that is integrated and prepares us for the rapid development of the hydrogen market. Automation emerges as an indispensable key to making the hydrogen economy sustainable in the long term.”

Comau is working to industrialize the production processes of both electrolyzers and fuel cells, and more generally, of all the technologies necessary for the large-scale adoption of hydrogen (e.g., turbines, compressors, etc.). To do this, it is developing a proprietary portfolio of solutions capable of automating key production phases, including cell preparation, stacking, compression, welding, leak testing, and more. This will enable companies to increase their production volumes while simultaneously improving product quality and reducing costs.

Through a simultaneous engineering approach, Comau collaborates with its customers from the outset to design fuel cells and electrolyzers that make the integration of automation into the production process straightforward. This, in turn, allows Comau’s customers to enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency in all their production processes.