Comau celebrates International Women’s Day with an event dedicated to the importance of female leadership in the workplace

March 8, 2024 – How can women innovate and improve business dynamics in an ever-changing social, economic and cultural context?

This is the theme of the meeting organized globally by Comau, to celebrate International Women’s Day, promoting a debate on the value that female leadership can bring to a large company, within and beyond the technology sector. One of the key outtakes from the meeting was that women play a significant role, capable of inspiring new ways of working, with a more inclusive approach and more open to change.  

The event, which was designed for both male and female employees and live streamed with the company’s international offices, was introduced by Pietro Gorlier, Comau’s CEO. The panel discussion was opened and moderated by Stefania Ferrero, Chief Marketing Officer, and enriched by the participation of Jennifer Smith, Chief Financial Officer of Comau North America, and Nichole Ning, Head of Legal APAC of Comau China, as well as two women leaders from external companies: Sara Hassett, VP Brand, Marketing & Communications of Baker Hughes, and Emanuela Girardi, Chairwoman Adra (AI data robotics Association). 

The protagonists shared their professional stories, initiating a discussion on the difficulties and challenges women encounter in their career paths,  and explaining how, through personal skills and qualities, women positively contribute to the growth of a company.