Comau is honored at Renault’s 25th anniversary event in Brazil. A successful partnership continues

São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, Brasil.

Recently, Comau was awarded in a public event held by Renault, to celebrate the 25th anniversary it has been present with the installation of its factory in São José dos Pinhais, Paraná- Brazil. On this occasion the company recognized partners and suppliers who have worked with Renault throughout these 25 years, as well as its employees and professionals from different areas who have been and are part of the company’s trajectory in Brazil.

In the celebration, employee Evaldo Malta, Sales and Marketing Manager South America of Comau,  received the trophy on behalf of the Company along with the other recognized companies. Also speaking during the ceremony were the acting president of Brazil, Geraldo Alckmin, who highlighted the importance of the automotive market in the country, the president of Renault América Latina, Luiz Fernando Pedrucci, and the president of Renault Brasil, Ricardo Gondo.

“Truly success stories cannot be built without strategic and long lasting partnerships. We thank and congratulate Comau for our partnership over the last 25 years,” said André Mol, Renault Purchasing Director for Brazil.

“A 25-year partnership between two companies is not so common, and should really be celebrated, especially with such an important customer like Renault” said Laerte Scarpitta, Comau Leader for the Americas. “Comau has participated in the entire history of this client here in Brazil, where we have always been challenged to do our best in terms of competitiveness. Renault greatly appreciates Comau and has often evaluated us very positively in this aspect, as well as in others. We are currently working to implement the SUV production line, which will be Renault’s new investment focus in the coming years. The story of partnership continues”.