Comau innovation featured at the 8th Italian Design Icons exhibition in Shanghai

Shanghai, 28 November 2023 – Comau, a leading global company in industrial automation, recently participated in the 8th edition of the Italian Design Icons (IDI) exhibition in Shanghai, which was held from 24 to 26 November. The meeting, which focused on the theme “The Quality That Lights Up: The Energy of Design Integrating People and Environment.”, was an opportune venue to showcase Comau’s advanced automation solutions. At the event, during a dedicated session, Jeff Yuan, Comau APAC Countries Cluster Leader, focused on the company’s commitment in China and, on the innovation front, Yuan presented the Italian company’s latest advanced automation solutions and e-mobility technologies.

As a pioneer in industrial automation, Comau has long been committed to integrating sustainability into its industrial manufacturing solutions and products. At this year’s IDI, Comau showcased one of its wearable exoskeleton series products, the MATE-XT. Featuring a slim carbon fiber construction and an intuitive adjustment system, it caters to the specific needs of workers facing challenges in industrial, non-industrial, and outdoor environments. This not only highlights Comau’s deep understanding of wearable technology, but also introduces a fresh perspective on sustainability in the workplace. The company maintains a consistent focus on developing innovative solutions to ensure the ergonomic well-being of operators. This year, the MATE family welcomes a new member, the MATE-XB, providing lower back support and further emphasizing Comau’s dedication to wearable robotics.

On the Icons Day, the 25th, Comau APAC Countries Cluster Leader, Jeff Yuan, emphasized Comau’s innovations in promoting sustainability by showcasing the company’s latest advanced automation solutions.

As part of the EU’s Flexible Battery Dismantling (Flex-BD) project, Comau has helped design and validate a robotized system with the aim of bringing greater sustainability within the e-Mobility framework. The robotized system automates the entire process of dismantling worn-out electric batteries using a highly flexible, repeatable and standardizable process.

Hyperflex is a fully operational and self-contained temporary mobile factory to install solar blades directly in the desert, field or plant location. By assembling the torque tube, transversal beam, solar panel and tracker as part of a semi-automated, on-site, 360° process, the innovative solution is proven to increase installation efficiency by up to 25% while increasing quality, lowering costs and improving operator safety, well-being and skills.

For Comau, the design and development of an industrial machine or robot means applying design to technology. Our commitment to innovation is always accompanied by a creative approach that responds to customers’ needs in a constantly changing market, and reflects our attention to compliance with the sustainability criteria that guide our business. The design of our MATE family of exoskeletons is a good example of how Comau combines clean, aesthetic lines with excellent technical capabilities and ease of use. In presenting the upper limb version at IDI, we further emphasized our commitment to improving the well-being of operators, reducing fatigue and improving ergonomics during manual activities.”

Jeff Yuan, Comau APAC Countries Cluster Leader