Comau attends SIANE 2023 to preview its innovative energy and aerospace solutions

18 October 2023

Castres 18 October 2023 – Comau brings its advanced automation solutions for energy, aerospace, and e-mobility to SIANE 2023 (Oct. 17-19 in Toulouse, France). Exclusively at the show, in the Industry 4.0 Innovation Pavilion together with system integrator AGV Mecatronique (Booth B63), Comau will offer visitors a special preview of its new  machining concept  for large metal structures, an innovative approach for the automated manufacturing of framing assemblies and complex components. 

Perfect for e-mobility, aerospace and other markets that rely on advanced materials, Comau’s new generation machining concept is designed to optimize the high-speed machining of lightweight metals and composites without sacrificing quality, speed, or reliability. Additionally, it features a unique modular structure to deliver a high level of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). 

During the fair, attendees can also visit Comau in Booth C20 testing the wearable exoskeletons MATE-XT and MATE-XB and discover innovative technologies in robotics, including the Comau Robot NJ60

Industry 4.0-compliant, Comau’s MATE-XT upper body exoskeleton combines lightweight muscular support with advanced sensor and IoT capabilities, delivering near real-time digitized operating metrics and usage parameters to help enhance the wearer’s level of safety and ergonomics. Similarly, the new MATE-XB exoskeleton is designed to support the lumbosacral joint during bending, lifting and the handling of loads up to 25kg. 

Comfortable, highly breathable, and able to withstand extreme conditions, outdoor elements and corrosive environments, the MATE-XT and MATE-XB exoskeletons further confirm Comau’s commitment to improving sustainable ergonomics through wearable robotics. 

This fair confirms the direction that Comau is taking, with the offer of automation that is aimed at an increasingly broad and transversal target, with advanced solutions suitable for successful deployment in multiple industrial sectors. Indeed, Comau France’s globally replicated values and longstanding presence in the market are key pillars of its success, helping drive new opportunities in both traditional and emerging market sectors.

Comau France has been working with many of the country’s top-tier automakers for more than 20 years. With operations in Trappes and Castres, the company employs a team of over 300 people focused largely on automation systems, machining solutions and advanced robotics for General Industry applications. From battery production through to electric vehicles and energy generation projects, Comau France also provides engineering solutions for sustainable automation within renewable energies, including wind and hydrogen. Similarly, the company is working with hospitals and other non-industrial sectors to facilitate sustainable ergonomics during manual and repetitive tasks with the help of Comau’s MATE-XT wearable robotic exoskeleton.