Comau presented its battery solutions at the NEV & EIC System Engineering Conference 2023 in China

Shanghai, Oct 13, 2023 – Comau attended the NEV & EIC System Engineering Conference 2023, held in Shenzhen (China) from October 11-13. The conference brought together representatives of R&D and engineering technology of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to focus on the two major themes of electric drive and battery manufacturing, discussing hot core processes and equipment, advanced technologies and developments, as well as the industry transformation trends brought about by new processes.

During the Battery Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Forum, Wang Bo, Comau China Battery Solutions Product Manager, gave a keynote speech focusing on the inherent advantages within Comau’s battery value chain as seen by real-world examples, including the development of innovative products and processes, and flexible, modular and cost-effective engineering solutions.

To support the rapid development of new energy vehicles, Comau is continuously enhancing its technological expertise in e-Mobility, demonstrating a continuous focus on research & development and actively seeking breakthrough solutions. Such innovation can be found, for example, in the SPINMATE project. Here, in direct collaboration with international partners, material manufacturers, research organizations and universities, Comau is responsible for the development of innovative solid-state battery (SSB) cell assembly processes that are safe, efficient and fully scalable, as part of its commitment to the industrialization of a new generation of cell production processes. Similarly, Comau has helped design an automated battery dismantling cell as part of the Flexible Battery Dismantling (Flex-BD) project, that will facilitate the manipulation of low-charge batteries while minimizing risks to operators and equipment. The company is also designing energy-efficient cell formation technologies for GIGABAT, a collaborative e-Mobility project for large-scale cell manufacturing. 

To date, Comau has successfully delivered over 30 battery assembly projects including battery modules and packs assembly of various types (prismatic, pouch, cylindrical) for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers; e-drive assembly solutions (Geely), and electric drive systems (NIO), in addition to hydrogen fuel cell stacks, and battery case processing. Furthermore, because Comau possesses automation technology and extensive experience in diverse areas such as e-powertrains, assembly test systems, and body assembly, it can offer a comprehensive and tailored electric mobility strategy, from production to disposal, for the complete lifecycle management of e-mobility.