Comau explores fuel cell assembly automation at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe 2023

Grugliasco (Turin), Sept 28, 2023 – Comau has been selected to speak at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe 2023 in Bremen Germany, where more than 10,000 attendees are expected to share technologies and solutions for the deployment of hydrogen as a commercial source of clean, renewable energy. Kicking off the congress on its opening day, Comau’s Lucrezia Morabito, Product and Solution Manager, will highlight the increasingly important role of design for automation as a key enabler for next-generation fuel cells. 

As part of its commitment to helping facilitate the creation of reliable, zero-emission power, Comau is leveraging its expertise in electrification and renewable energies to automate the production of fuel cells and electrolyzers. Yet to achieve the manufacturing scale-up necessary for mass diffusion of hydrogen and, more importantly green hydrogen, the fuel cell design itself needs to be automation-oriented. On September 27 as part of the Fuel Cell Design, Development, & Manufacturing conference track, Comau will share strategy insights and benefits behind its design for manufacturing approach to large-scale hydrogen production. 

Indeed, Comau has been working with important clients in different parts of the world to help industrialize the largely manual fuel cell and electrolyzer manufacturing environment. In China, for example, Comau is collaborating with Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology (holding subsidiary of SAIC Motor), a leading hydrogen fuel cell company, to provide an advanced production line for its hydrogen fuel cell stack.   

By allowing its customers to scale-up production volumes and increase the quality of the high-precision process, Comau’s ultimate aim is to help lower the manufacturing price point by up to 20%.  Here is where design for manufacturing plays a fundamental role. Through its Simultaneous Engineering approach, Comau and its customers collaborate from the very start to design fuel cell/electrolyzer products in a way that will be easier and more cost effective when assembling them with automation. This in turn allows Comau’s customers to enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency throughout their production processes.

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