Comau presented innovative e-drive solutions at the DTC in Wuhan

Shanghai, Aug 24, 2023 – Comau delivered a keynote speech at the DTC (Digital Tech Conferences) in Wuhan, an event centered on digital applications related to batteries and electric drive systems, lightweight design, smart manufacturing, engineering methods for battery tray assembly, core component molding and processing, as well as innovative applications. Attending the conference, held August 16 and 17, Suo Lei, Head of Comau Technology China, delivered a keynote speech and introduced the company’s latest advancements in both e-drive solutions for new energy vehicles and hairpin motor assembly technology.

During his speech, Suo Lei highlighted Comau’s active engagement and leadership within the electrification transformation process, and its successful delivery of over 70 e-Mobility production lines worldwide. Indeed, Comau has been dedicated to the automotive market for the last 50 years, continually researching and providing innovative solutions to support the sustainable development of the industry. Leveraging the rapid growth of China’s NEV market, the company has established a comprehensive electrification value chain that encompasses areas such as rotor, stator, inverter, gearbox assembly and testing, while rapidly expanding its electric drive assembly capabilities. 

Suo Lei also helped attendees deep dive into the vital field of hairpin motor assembly, providing an in-depth overview of its classification, characteristics and manufacturing challenges. As a core component of electric drive systems, hairpin motors play a pivotal role in achieving efficient energy conversion and system optimization. For this reason, aided by its extensive technical experience and an innovative mindset, Comau is committed to continuous breakthroughs in hairpin assembly. 

Taking advantages of high efficiency, high flexibility and high precision in design, Comau offers tailored and innovative hairpin motor solutions to address diverse performance requirements. Furthermore, through ongoing process optimization, Comau can assist OEMs in reducing their development times and costs. Finally, because Comau’s technology portfolio spans nearly all assembly processes, it can help provide new energy vehicle customers with improved driving performance and reliability.