Comau’s approach to develop innovative e-mobility solutions at the Polystorage workshop in San Sebastian

As part of the meetings’ program proposed by Polystorage, Comau participated, as a guest, in the event “From R&D activities in next generation batteries to industrial exploitation”, held in San Sebastian, Spain (Bashlands), on 6 June.
Together with other speakers from the industrial and academic sectors, Comau presented a speech entitled “Comau path, industrializing the innovation” outlining its commitment in the E-Mobility sector and in the design of solutions and technologies also for next-generation batteries.

The initiative, which is a satellite event at Organic Battery Days 2023, is part of the educational and scientific dissemination activities of the European POLYSTORAGE project – funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie program – which aims to promote international collaborations for training, in classrooms and in corporate settings, of researchers to be dedicated to the realization of innovative and advanced energy storage solutions.

During the workshop, companies, industry experts and university teachers explored technical aspects and case studies related to designing new technologies for E-Mobility, with a focus on the new skills required for the industrial system to address the technology transfer process, management of research projects and the creation of dedicated startups. 

Emphasizing its involvement in the field of training and research, internationally, Comau participated in the POLYSTORAGE working group with an intervention from Aldo D’Ambrosio, Battery Cell Product Owner- Strategic Marketing e Solution Management, presenting the projects that the company is advancing in the field of cell and battery manufacturing and illustrating some case studies relating to solid-state batteries and battery recycling.

With regard to battery recycling and to automate the delicate process of dismantling exhausted electric batteries, Comau has recently developed, within the European project Flexible Battery Dismantling (Flex-BD), a robotic system that can improve the efficiency and safety of manual dismantling processes that require operators to perform repetitive and demanding tasks, as well as contact with potentially harmful substances. 

Comau is also collaborating on the development of technology infrastructures capable of supporting the creation of a next-generation, increasingly effective and fully European battery value chain, to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition. In fact, Comau designed a line to automate the construction of the next generation of EV batteries, newly installed in the new Gigafactory of Automotive Cells Company (ACC), joint venture between Stellantis, TotalEnergies/Saft and Mercedes-Benz. These facilities enable the processing of 8- and 16-cell modules, enabling ACC to produce up to 8 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year by the end of 2024. 

In line with activities conducted within the European POLYSTORAGE project, Comau’s participation in the San Sebastian workshop is a confirmation of the company’s continued commitment to the process of testing and developing next-generation batteries – said Aldo D’Ambrosio, Battery Cell Product Owner- Strategic Marketing e Solution Management -. Thanks to its strong experience in the automation sector, the know-how acquired in the field of E-Mobility, and research activities carried out in collaboration with the academic world, Comau is an exceptional benchmark for the design of innovative solutions for alternative energy use “.