Comau presented its advanced battery solutions at the 4th International “New Energy Battery Conference” in China.

Shanghai, Apr 28, 2023 – The 4th International “New Energy Battery and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Industry Conference” was held in Ningde (China) on April 26. The conference focus was on batteries and more specifically on materials, battery design and pack integration. More than 300 OEMs and battery manufacturers attended the event to exchange thoughts around R&D technology and development trends of core processes  like battery stacking, welding and tightening. Suo Lei, Head of Comau Technology China, contributed with a speech at the “Battery Module / Pack Manufacturing Engineering Forum”.

Electrification is affecting the whole automotive market including the industrial processes as well. Suo Lei, during his speech, shared  with the audience the  market and main technological  trends talking about new energy sources and energy storage systems  as well as Comau’s core technologies and solutions applicable in electrification. He said, “The world is rapidly moving towards new energies, and with a strong global network of battery competence centers and R&D capabilities, we have now successfully developed more than 70 new energy projects worldwide. By providing integrated solutions and innovative products, Comau is helping customers to accelerate their electrification journey and achieve large-scale production.”

Comau recognizes the ever-evolving challenges faced in the field of battery manufacturing, and strives to implement comprehensive and tailored solutions. To achieve this, Comau leverages on its  high-speed and high-precision technology and equipment, whilst guaranteeing quality  through reliability, stability and digital services. By doing so, Comau is able to assist customers in achieving their mass production goals delivering solutions aimed to shorten the time to market,  reduce product life cycle costs, and  enhance production flexibility. 

At the conference, Suo Lei shared real case studies  of innovative battery manufacturing technologies and processes that have enabled the production of high-productivity battery solutions . 

Comau is committed to lead the market developing and industrializing core technologies and solutions to meet customer needs  leveraging on its competences in automation, and constantly investing in innovation.