Comau showcased innovative e-mobility and new energy solutions at ATC China

Shanghai, Apr 21, 2023 – The 9th Automotive Advanced Technology Manufacturing Summit was held April 20-22 in Wuhan, China. With the common goal of rapidly advancing China’s automotive manufacturing technology, the summit brought together many renowned domestic and international OEMs and more than 1,500 automotive experts to exchange ideas on current technical topics in the fields of welding, painting, stamping, final assembly and smart factory, and to discuss new trends, technologies, processes and application scenarios in the automotive industry in this three-day event with seven sub-forums.

As part of the event, Gaetano Cantalupo, Comau Head of Countries Cluster APAC, gave a speech on “Comau’s New Energy Solutions and Digital Innovation” at the main event forum, presenting Comau’s new energy vehicle technologies and sustainable development cases. He said that as a technology pioneer in the automotive industry, Comau focuses on cutting-edge technological innovation through the continuous improvement of electrification, automation and digitalization solutions to meet the production requirements of different  customers.

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of electric vehicle technology, Comau is actively engaged in the transformation of the automotive industry, where the efficient production and reliability of batteries and fuel cells are becoming increasingly important. Comau explores the adaptability of new processes, materials and technologies in automotive industry manufacturing processes  to provide increased efficiency and cutting-edge technologies.,

Meeting the needs of different users is a key factor in implementing digitalization projects and achieving the expected benefits. Comau’s digital solutions focus on equipment status and monitoring of the entire production process. For example, the in.Grid digital platform enables the interconnection of production equipment based on automation, leanness and flexibility, ensuring that performance and process information is calculated as accurately as possible and that the production process is transparent and paperless.

Tao Xiaowei, R&D Manager of Comau China Technology Office, introduced Smart Bodyshop, Comau’s enhanced flexible body-in-white manufacturing strategy that includes a portfolio of advanced welding products such as MSW (Modular & Standard Welding) cell, Frame 4.0, high-speed roller table solutions, second-generation APC conveyors and new products for hemming application. The Smart Bodyshop offers a range of benefits in terms of flexibility, process innovation and product innovation to help customers transform their production lines, to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In addition, Comau presented the technical advantages and application scenarios of the company’s solutions and products, which generated a great deal of interest among attendees. With 50 years of automotive expertise, rich manufacturing experience and advanced R&D, Comau is committed to the continuous expansion of the entire vehicle value chain, including NEV (New Energy vehicles) as well as  conventional vehicles, to meet its customers’ production solutions and services needs.