Comau’s commitment to electrification at the Laseremobility Workshop 2023

With the aim of contributing to the technological advancement process in the field of electrification and proposing efficient and sustainable solutions for battery production, Comau participated in the LaserEMobility Workshop. An international event dedicated to innovation in laser applications for electric mobility, aimed at the academic, corporate and institutional world, organised by Politecnico di Milano, Università di Bologna and TUM (Technische Universität München), which took place on March 13 and 14 at the Campus Bovisa in Milan. 

During the “Electric mobility of the next decade – Challenges and Opportunities” round table, which was attended by Aldo D’Ambrosio, Business Development and Battery Cells Solution Owner in Strategic Marketing  & Solution Management, Comau presented its experience as a manufacturer and integrator of advanced electrification technologies and systems.

Numerous studies estimate a strong growth in the battery market, with production volumes that will surpass TWh in Europe by 2023. A figure that draws attention to the need to propose modular and scalable technological solutions  to meet ever higher energy saving requirements. One of the trends of the near future is the development of solid-state batteries, capable of higher energy density, durability and safety, compared to lithium-ion batteries. Comau has been working with Ilika since 2021 to help them expand and optimize their solid-state cell production on an industrial scale. 

In addition, Comau is investing in research and experimentation, also in cooperation with other partners (companies, universities and institutions). One example is Comau’s participation in the European SPINMATE project, which aims to develop innovative and scalable processes for the production of generation 4b solid state battery modules and cells.

Comau also mentioned the importance of creating and providing the market with specialist electrification expertise, which is why the company developed the upskilling project “E-Skills”, which involved more than 1000 employees globally. In addition, it actively collaborates with companies and universities to foster a continuous and cross-functional exchange of knowledge, supporting PhDs and investing in training young talents to be included in its workforce. 

During the LaserEMobility Workshop 2023, we shared our vision of the current reality and  future trends in the field of electrification,” explains Aldo D’Ambrosio, Business Development and Battery Cells Solution Owner in Strategic Marketing & Solution Management. We believe that exchanging skills and building valuable partnerships between industry, university and public organizations is essential to successfully deliver strategic projects to accelerate the energy transition globally.”