The benefits of open and integrated automation explained by Comau

Comau participated in the round table “Robotics: solutions to new challenges”, organized by the Association of Italian Robotics and Automation (SIRI), to explain its approach to integrated robotics. In particular, Duilio Amico, Head of Sales Robotics EMEA, spoke on the topic “Integrated Robotics supporting Manufacturing Industry 4.0”, in the Meeting Area of the A&T – Automation & Testing trade show from 22 to 24 February in Turin. 

Comau, together with Rockwell Automation designed a unified robotic control solution that simplifies automation programming for increased productivity. By better synchronizing robots, processes, workflows and peripherals, this system enables companies to significantly reduce time to market and time to work.

In partnership with Siemens, the Comau Next Generation Programming Platform, a protocol that simplifies robot programming reducing plant complexity, has been created, through full integration of Comau robots, and with Siemens’ Simatic Robot Library. 

To increase efficiency and make it easier for businesses of all sizes and industries to operate, Comau is committed to developing advanced industrial solutions that make automation smarter, more accessible and easier to use. 

Comau collaborates with key technology partners such as Rockwell Automation and Siemens to provide businesses with easy-to-integrate, intuitive and open automation that increases productivity, reduces costs and optimizes return on investment,”  said Duilio Amico, Head of Sales Robotics EMEA in Comau.