Comau collaborates with Powercoders to train refugees in it and digital fields

Comau has joined Powercoders educational projects, a software development academy that offers talented students of different nationalities training programs and internships in the IT sector. Working in collaboration with companies around the world, the academy aims to help advance and professionally onboard refugees and migrants.

From mid-February 2023, Comau is welcoming two individuals, from Bhutan and India respectively, into its ICT team at the Grugliasco (TO) site. After 3 months of training with Powercoders, the two students will complete their 6-month paid internship with the Comau Information & Communication Technology organization, where they will be part of innovative project teams focused on Business Analytics and Cyber Security.

As a result of this socially responsible educational path, participants can acquire new digital skills, thus becoming experts in the use of key web programming languages, as well as training aimed at enhancing soft skills and cross-functional skills. All of  which are now indispensable for successfully integrating into the world of work. 

“Comau strongly believes in the importance of initiatives aimed at inclusion as a fundamental part of its commitment to social responsibility” said Stefano Boscolo Bozza, Chief Information Officer. “This project represents concrete proof that technology and digital innovation can become social enablers to help facilitate professional opportunities for talented individuals all over the world. Both the initiative and our collaboration with Powercoders, provide an enrichment opportunity for our company, thanks to the contribution of cultural diversities and individual uniqueness. These principles are fundamental to Comau’s company culture and in the shaping of its strategies and actions plans.”