Comau CEO Pietro Gorlier shares best-in-class e-mobility and automation technology solutions

Grugliasco (Turin), January 11, 2023 – At the “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories” event celebrating Italy’s leading role in the development and deployment of e-Mobility strategies, Comau’s CEO Pietro Gorlier gave a keynote to discuss Made-in-Italy excellence in electrification, with a special focus from the automation and mechanical perspective.

The conference, held January 11th at Palazzo Generali in Rome and jointly organized by  Fondazione Symbola and Enel. After an introduction by Ermete Realacci, President, Fondazione Symbola, Francesco Starace, CEO and Director of Enel, and Elisabetta Ripa, Managing Director of Enel X Way, a panel discussion with Francesco Ausiello, Special Projects ART-ER, Silvia Bodoardo, Professor at the Politecnico di Torino, Cristina Favini, Chief Design Officer & Strategist at Logotel, and Comau’s CEO Pietro Gorlier was moderated by Maria Leitner of TG2. The event was concluded with a message from Adolfo Urso, Minister of  Enterprises and Made in Italy, and attended by other companies mentioned in the report and industry experts.

As one of the four industry influencers invited to speak at the event, Gorlier presented how Comau is leveraging its long experience in automotive systems to respond to a growing demand for automation in almost every industrial sector, and develop innovative technologies for electrification. Emphasizing how, according to accredited studies, by 2030 the global market share of electrified cars will exceed 50%, Gorlier pointed out the Comau’s growing volumes in the e-Mobility business and shared examples of best-in-class solutions for battery cells, modules and packs, electric transmissions, solid-state batteries, hydrogen-based technologies, including battery recycling.

Finally, Gorlier mentioned also that technologies for electrification and automation, are an increasingly important market driver and as such, Italian companies involved in the e-Mobility market should expect to see significant growth in this area over the next few years.

“Events such as this one, promoted by Symbola, Enel and Enel X Way, that enable the exchange of technology success stories bring concrete value in terms of promoting and enabling e-mobility and the value of Made in Italy,” said Pietro Gorlier, CEO. “It is always a pleasure to deal with the leaders of the sector, who share the commitment of Comau – a company with solid roots in Italy – in providing new solutions to constantly advance electric mobility. People’s skills and innovative technologies remain the fundamental elements that can generate new success stories, such as those that have been told today”.