Comau was named “2022 Shanghai Extraordinary Employer”

Shanghai, Dec 20, 2022 – The Annual Extraordinary Employer List selected by Liepin, one of the top recruiting and talent development platforms in China, was recently announced. Comau China came out on top among the many participating companies for its outstanding performance in industry reputation, talent training and development, and corporate culture, and was named “2022 Shanghai Extraordinary Employer”.

A highly professional and influential employer branding activity in China, the award was spearheaded by Liepin in collaboration with public jobseekers and talent users, HR experts and third-party media monitoring platforms. After several rounds of review and professional evaluation, Comau China was confirmed as a high-quality employer in multiple dimensions within the selection process.

Comau is headquartered in Turin, Italy, and employs more than 4,000 people in 13 countries, close to 900 of which are employed within Comau China.. Adhering to the concept of people-centered development, the Company places its employees at the center of each initiative, nurturing the enthusiasm and creativity of its employees to achieve the joint development of its people and its business. As a worldwide leader  in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems, Comau offers its employees a wealth of training and learning opportunities, including the possibility to experience different roles thanks to job rotations and transfers.

“Comau aims to attract and retain more talent by creating a warm and inspiring work environment where every Comau employee has access to rich professional development opportunities and can pursue a proper work-life balance,” mentioned Wang Jingtao, Comau HR Countries Cluster APAC. “We will continue to  build an agile, efficient and high-performing organization, committed to attracting outstanding talent by creating an increasingly open and diverse work environment. This includes collaborating with the entire team to create value along the smart manufacturing innovation path.”