Comau wins the Capek “Model Engineering” Award in China for a project delivered to Volvo

Shanghai, Aug 30, 2022 – The 2022 China Robotics Industry Development Forum and the 8th Capek Award Ceremony was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province on August 26. Nearly 1,000 industry experts, representatives from system integrators, robotics manufacturers and research institutions attended the event. As a leading provider of one-stop industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing solutions, Comau was invited to participate in the forum and received the “2021 Model Engineering Award” for the XC40 Recharge bodyside line project, a new energy model delivered to Volvo Cars.

Comau has always strived to provide its customers with high quality and innovative solutions to support production and offer them maximum benefits to address the specific situation at the customer’s site. In this award-winning project, the design and use of robotic automation islands, automatic sliding tables and double-sided rotary tables have effectively improved production efficiency and automation equipment utilization.

In accordance with the project scope, Comau provided the customer with a body side automation line for inner and outer plate welding, which was designed to be highly flexible, allowing effective retrofitting and utilization of the equipment for subsequent new product launches. Using virtual debugging, the PLC and robot model logic and trajectory programs were tested and verified in the virtual environment during the design phase, significantly reducing the time and risk of on-site debugging. In the area of manufacturing logistics, Comau used logistics simulation to mirror the production capacity of the manufacturing line while reliably calculating the exact number of buffer stores and the type of storage bin switching, which improved the logistical planning capability. In addition, the project benefited from energy saving optimization which has successfully reduced energy consumption in the production shop.

With extensive industrial experience and a strong global network, Comau continues to demonstrate its ability to develop innovative, value-added solutions that meet the growing demands of customers worldwide.