Comau participates at the 11th annual China Aviation Industry Shanghai Forum with its Robotic CNC System

Shanghai, December 7, 2021 – Comau attended the 2021 Aviation Industry Shanghai International Forum, held from December 2 to 3, where Eric Kai, Head of Robotics & Automation Products Segment, delivered a keynote speech in the Aerospace Materials & Manufacturing Technology sub-forum, introducing the SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / Direct Control robotic CNC system for aerospace applications. Representatives from the government, aviation companies, aircraft manufacturers, intelligent manufacturing service providers and other parties were also in attendance.

In 2017, Comau and Siemens collaborated to develop the SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / Direct Control software system, which offers a wide range of options for integrating Comau robots into CNC machine tools. The application spectrum potential ranges from solutions with VDMA standard interface technology to robots with CNC numerical control technology for operations, programming, debugging, maintenance and fault diagnosis. As a result, the solution grants powerful benefits in terms of efficiency and overall productivity for industries characterized by complex systems, multiple modules and/or a high level of automation. These include additive manufacturing, fiber placement and aerospace, in addition to the traditional machine tool industry.

The successful development of SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / Direct Control offers many advantages, such as reduced hardware space requirements, simpler electrical cabinets, reduced investment and a reduced number of accessories, as well as increased mean time for trouble-free operation and machine tool equipment availability. The direct integration of the robot with the CNC system of the machine tool allows the robot to use all the available CNC functions. Furthermore, direct control of the robot arm enables the highest dynamic performance of the robot and improves the accuracy of its movements, allowing the robot to perform demanding machining tasks.

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / Direct Control can also use NX-CAM to simulate and generate offline programs to implement more difficult processing technologies, including closed surfaces, large freeform areas, laying trajectory planning and tow management functions. As such, it is well-suited for fiber placement applications. This advanced automated manufacturing technology has greater laying flexibility and lower scrap rates, which is why it is increasingly being used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage structures

As a worldwide leader in advanced industrial automation products and systems, Comau continuously demonstrates its ability to meet business challenges, in addition to its cross-industry expertise in R&D and manufacturing. The company’s customer-focused commitment extends to deepening industrial cooperation, providing professional products and solutions, and contributing to the high-quality development of the aviation industry.