Comau shares new energy power strategies and technologies at an important industry technology development forum in China

Ningde, December 02, 2021 – Comau recently participated at the 2021 New Energy Power Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Industry Technology Development Forum, held in Ningde on November 23 and 24, where Wang Junwu, Comau China’s Head of Technology, delivered a keynote speech at the battery PACK smart manufacturing session. The conference centered on the development of the new energy battery industry and core technologies and processes for intelligent manufacturing, including the pre-design of power batteries and the equipment of the front, middle and rear processes.

Focusing on Comau’s innovative solutions that help companies effectively increase their energy production capacity, Comau’s Wan Junwu highlighted that in the era of mass production of electric vehicles, large-scale automation, high reliability and global delivery capability are becoming key concerns for customers. To meet this challenge, Comau promotes collaborative technology development through a network of regionalized innovation centers, and provides global delivery and local support to customers through its worldwide presence.

Comau is leveraging its longstanding experience in automation systems to cover key elements of the electrification value chain, which includes developing innovative products and processes as well as flexible, modular and cost-effective engineering solutions. Comau has developed the Blue Box platform for electrified product manufacturing to cover a wide range of assembly and test process needs, enabling flexibility and high reliability, based on its extensive experience in assembly and automation and active investment in technology.

The Blue Box platform was developed for electrification through the research, aggregation and refinement of product manufacturing processes by Comau. It has the advantage of electromechanical integration and is compatible with a variety of manufacturing processes such as assembly, tightening, gluing, welding, and testing. The similarity of different equipment configurations within the same platform, the commonality of core components, and the interchangeability of process equipment enable the standardization of non-standard assembly lines, thus facilitating the design development and production changeover of equipment, significantly speeding up the delivery of production lines, achieving rapid mass production and helping customers reduce product lifecycle costs and increase production flexibility.

“Comau is committed to its role in enabling renewable energy supply, transformation and utilization,” added Wang Junwu. “Riding the wave of electrification, we will continue to collaborate and innovate with our partners to promote the continuous upgrading and progress of our manufacturing system in this era of mass production.”