Comau puts its Mate-Xt Wearable Exoskeleton in the spotlight at Italian Design Icons in Shanghai

Shanghai, December 02, 2021 – Comau has participated in the 6th edition of Italian Design Icons in Shanghai with its new generation wearable exoskeleton, MATE-XT, which was on display as part of the company’s showcase. The wearable muscle-assisted mechanical exoskeleton is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who work in harsh conditions within industrial, non-industrial and outdoor environments, and was launched in response to positive feedback for the first version of MATE. Also at the exhibition, Gaetano Cantalupo, Comau China Managing Director, was invited to attend the keynote speech.

With the theme of “The Power of Creativity and Performance”, the exhibition focuses on a series of world-renowned Italian brands and presents their innovative projects and products. “We believe product’s efficiency and functionality are partly determined by the care taken over its shape and appearance,” said Gaetano Cantalupo. “This is why at Comau, creative spirit and engineering know-how always need to go hand-in-hand. Developing an industrial machine or robot means applying design to technology, and combining an outstanding technical performance with effectiveness and pleasing form.”

MATE-XT is designed to assist workers in their daily tasks in carpentry, construction, agriculture, assembly, logistics and various other fields. In particular, the exoskeleton can help reduce physical strain on operators, enabling them to perform tasks more comfortably, and reducing the possibility of musculoskeletal disorders from long hours of work. The exoskeleton also demonstrates how aesthetic form complements performance, and machine efficiency is further improved through continuous innovation and research.

The design principle of the exoskeleton replicates the physiological movements of the operator and provides optimal upper body support without the need for batteries, motors or other failure-prone equipment. The body is made of a thin, lightweight carbon fiber construction and an intuitive adjustment system with a water, dust, UV and heat resistant design that quickly adapts to any body type; with eight levels of support that can be quickly adjusted or changed by the user without interrupting their activity. Thanks to the use of high-performance fabrics designed for outdoor activities, MATE-XT is highly breathable and allows weight reduction while contributing to sustainable development.

MATE-XT is the only commercially-available exoskeleton with EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet) certification, attesting to its ability to reduce biomechanical loads during strenuous tasks. It also improves work quality and wellbeing in a consistent, efficient and highly ergonomic manner. This enables customers to calculate ROI with measurable ergonomic performance. Based on studies conducted at customers’ sites using the EAWS worksheet, Comau estimates that the wearable exoskeleton can help workers increase accuracy during overhead tasks by 27% and execution speed by 10%. It can also reduce cycle times by at least 5%. From an operational standpoint, MATE-XT facilitates increased precision, quality, and performance. It reduces shoulder muscle activity by 30% and diminishes the effort felt by workers, with more than 50% of workers reporting beneficial upgrades in job quality.

Innovation is in the Comau DNA. By responding to the challenges of ever changing markets, Comau will continue to provide cutting-edge technologies and solutions that help its customers achieve their goals.