Comau was selected as a National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Beijing, October 21, 2021 – Comau has been selected as one of the third batch of “National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprises” in 2021, according to a recent announcement by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. This recognition represents another national honor in service-oriented manufacturing field, and follows Comau’s selection as a “Shanghai Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019.

Service-oriented manufacturing is a new manufacturing model aimed at the close integration of manufacturing and service. At Comau, service-oriented manufacturing is embodied in the combination of our smart manufacturing technical core, a commitment to turnkey solutions, strong technical engineering expertise, and digital tools. All of which come together to provide customers with tailored solutions designed to meet their specific program needs. Comau has been delivering smart manufacturing lines to customers in China since 1997, with more than 250 body assembly, powertrain assembly, and powertrain machining lines. The company has also continued to provide the market with prompt and flexible customer assistance, as well as a complete range of services to maximize the performance of its manufacturing solutions.

Combining automated turnkey solutions with full after-sales and digital services, Comau is delivering advanced automation systems and automation products to domestic and international markets for three distinct industry segments: traditional automotive, new energy vehicles and general industry. This integration of smart manufacturing, customized solutions and digitalization drives its “Overall Integration 2.0” approach, through which the company intends to build competitive advantages and achieve progress via the forementioned elements.

Comau’s endorsement by the Chinese Ministry is a further demonstration of its customer-centric approach. Indeed, the company will continue to deepen and expand its business model by leveraging its service-oriented manufacturing strategy to positively contribute to the future of high-quality manufacturing in China.