Comau presents its innovative Electrification Solutions at the Shanghai Nev Technology Forum

Shanghai, September 30, 2021 – On September 28th, the 11th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum, with its theme “Contributing to Zero Emissions”,  was held in Shanghai. The forum aims to build an influential and forward-looking industry exchange platform among global new energy vehicle participants, and the development of China’s new energy vehicle industry. Professionals from well-known OEMs and industry experts conducted in-depth interaction regarding the core technologies and development trends surrounding the new energy vehicles at the forum.

As part of the OEM Development and Technology Forum, Wang Junwu, Comau China’s Head of Powertrain Assembly Engineering Excellence, gave a keynote speech entitled “Comau Innovative Electrification Solutions Enable Mass Production Era”. He also shared real-life cases of high-productivity battery manufacturing via innovative technology empowerment. “Our commitment to electrification is an extension of our continuous investment in powertrain assembly, body assembly and machining, together with our history of offering customized solutions for the local automotive market.  We have proven again and again that Comau’s end-to-end solutions help boost productivity, efficiency, and operational performance for new energy automotive customers while shortening their time-to-market,” Wang Junwu said.

In particular, solutions for off-line inspection of e-motor assembly lines, such as the intelligent electric drive test bench, can provide customers with full-featured testing including electrical performance testing, dynamic testing and NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing and analysis. It has the added advantage of high-precision, integration and flexibility.

Utilizing the Comau SmartCube flexible platform, which is driven by linear motors, the second-generation High-Speed Conveyor for battery modules can be easily deployed for high-volume prismatic and pouch battery cell processing, as well as electronic component assembly and testing. As such, it fully supports flexible, high-productivity systems even in compact layouts.

The Smart Laser Welding Station, on the other hand, is fully standardized and uses the Comau PRO platform, which is flexible and easy to encode. The station also features the Comau Lhyte hybrid laser, whereby one laser can have two laser waves (semiconductor and optional fiber or hybrid laser) to fit a variety of welding applications, such as soft or hard lug welding, hard short veneer welding, and even motor lug welding.

Comau’s emphasis on intelligent manufacturing processes is seen in its battery modules, battery packaging, lightweight assembly platforms for battery modules and controllers, and electric drive assembly technology combinations. All of which feature a strong focus on battery technology and new energy vehicle innovation. Together, they form part of a complete portfolio of solutions developed for battery design and manufacturing, as well as a vast range of other market applications, backed by Comau’s strong competencies and know-how as an all-in-one provider for electrification.