Comau wins the Capek “Engineering Excellence” Award in China

Wuhu, September 17, 2021 – In the presence of industry experts, system integrators, robotics manufacturers and research institutions, the 2021 China Robotics Industry Development Forum and the 7th Capek Award Ceremony, were held in Wuhu, Anhui Province on September 14, 2021. During the event, Comau was awarded the “2020 Engineering Excellence Award” for a new electric motor assembly line, which was developed by Comau China in its Shanghai plant and delivered to Siemens Valeo’s Changshu plant (in the Jiangsu Province) in mid-2020.

The award was granted through a jury vote, with members from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, and journalists from robotics and trade media, among others. Underscoring Comau’s commitment to ensuring optimized processes and absolute reliability in the electrification sector, the award highlights the value and high-quality standards Comau China has brought to the motor assembly project.

Comau’s continued investments in the electrification sector are backed by its culture of innovation and more than 45 years of expertise in automation and digitalization technologies. As a result, its flexible, standardized, modular and scalable solutions allow customers like Siemens Valeo to meet the latest requirements and challenges of the electric vehicle industry.

With specific reference to the award, Comau has designed and deployed two rotor, housing and motor assembly lines and one final assembly line for a total of three sub-assembly lines. All have been equipped with advanced technologies, including the dual-servo drive glue filling equipment, automatic magnet loading equipment, and advanced stator and rotor equipment, to help protect the customer’s investment now and in the future. To address the fact that the customer’s product was facing design changes, Comau internally established both a rapid delivery response solution and a customer–driven change management process. A production line design library was also set up to provide reference for subsequent electrification projects. In the end, the continuous optimization of process methods has saved costs while setting a benchmark for subsequent new energy assembly projects. The Engineering Excellence award, therefore, fully recognizes Comau China for its achievements in the field of smart manufacturing and its ability to provide value-added solutions.