Comau innovation empowers the automotive industry at ATC in China

Mar 26, 2021, Hefei – The 7th Automotive Technology Conference was successfully held from March 24th to 26th in Hefei. Comau, a global leader of advanced industrial automation, was invited to speak at the summit. With the participation of many renowned OEMs and more than 1,000 experts in the automotive industry, the summit  focused on the hot topics of automotive welding, painting, stamping, final assembly, smart factory, and in-depth discussions on new products, new technology and new processes, driven together to lead the transformation and upgrading of the automotive manufacturing industry towards smart manufacturing.

Ding Yudong, Comau China Body Assembly Director, delivered a speech entitled “Comau Innovation” at the major venue of the summit. He shared the recent innovative products and technical advantages of Comau. At the summit, Ding Yudong said: “As a leading company in industrial automation, with longstanding experience in the automotive industry, we will continue to invest in innovation, providing high-quality solutions to help customers solve their productivity needs and reduce costs. This is also the driving force for us to move forward.”

In this grand meeting of technical exchanges, Ding Yudong highlighted new body assembly products, such as the  Universal Gripper and Mechanical Reconfigurable Pallet. The Universal Gripper is highly flexible and easy to operate, with no need to change the gun tray or gripper storage location, which greatly saves time, cost and space. As a purely mechanical structure, the Mechanical Reconfigurable Pallet is maintenance-free. It is 100% flexible and has no restrictions on platform expansion. Highly flexible switching is the common research and development concept behind these two products, representing Comau’s response to the market challenge of ever-increasing individual needs of consumers. Both models help OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) complete the manufacturing of different models or accessories on the same production line.

While Comau has continued its ceaseless efforts in the field of traditional power, rapid development has also been made in the field of new energy vehicle assembly. The Smart Laser Welding Station is a perfect example, and is expected to be widely used in battery module production lines in the near future. The welding trajectory is controlled through an automation code generated by the Comau PRO platform, which is flexible and easy to encode. The station uses the integration of Comau Lhyte hybrid laser with multiple functions, where one laser can have two laser waves, semiconductor and optical fiber or hybrid laser to fit more comprehensive welding applications.

In terms of powertrain machining, Comau XMini is the first machining center worldwide using a carbon fiber parallel machine tool robot module (PKM), which perfectly combines the flexibility of a robot with the rigidity and precision of the machine tool. It has unique machining capabilities and can efficiently process lightweight materials and frame structure parts.

In the sub-venues of Welding and Smart Factory, Tao Xiaowei, Manager of Comau China Body Assembly GSD manager, and Wang Junwu, Comau China Powertrain Assembly Engineering Director respectively gave talks on Comau 2nd generation welding products and Comau intelligent manufacturing from innovation to mass production. Tao Xiaowei pointed out that the main advantages of the new generation of products are manifested in multiple aspects such as flexible systems, process innovations and product innovations, which can effectively help customers realize the production lines transformation and costs saving. In Smart Manufacturing, Comau is aiming at remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) optimization in the digital transformation process.

At ATC Summit 2021, through intensive discussions and exchanges with industry professionals on technological progress in the automotive field, Comau will continuing to explore, innovate and build a platform with partners, working  together to empower and develop the automotive industry.