Comau is in the spotlight at Italian Designs Icons in Shanghai

Shanghai – November 23, 2020

Comau has attended the 5th edition of Italian Design Icons (IDI), held November 20-22 in Shanghai.  IDI,with the theme of “Style and Sustainability”, shared knowledge from various industries such as automotive, industry, furniture, fashion, education, which is an incomparable occasion to share the Italian brilliance and uniqueness.

As a global leader in industrial automation, headquartered in Italy, Comau is characterized by its attention to the style and versatility of its technologies, backed up by continuous R&D work. For Comau, developing an industrial machine or robot means applying design to technology, which translates to combining high technical performance with effectiveness and aesthetics.

At Comau, innovation stems from a creative approach and a willingness to experiment with new technological concepts following or driving market trends. Indeed, Comau China uses clean and renewable energy and implemented environmental management system by continuous improvement in environmental performance.

During the press conference, Comau China CEO Gaetano Cantalupo shared his insights about “Style and Sustainability”. Bie Chao, Head of Marketing for Comau APAC, also delivered a keynote speech focusing on Comau’s competencies in electrification, a current trend in many industrial sectors, starting from automotive.

Comau China showcased Café Robot at IDI, an entertaining concept featuring the integration of a Racer 3 robot and an Italian coffee machine. The smart manufacturing demo represents a combination of industrial automation and digital applications. With Italian style and easy-to-use functions, guests were asked to scan the WeChat QR code to enjoy a scented cup of coffee served by the robot. Comau also demonstrated an Augmented Reality solution for the Comau Smart Laser Welding Station (Smart LWS) and a reconfigurable pallet for Body Assembly.

Since 2013, Comau has launched a wide range of innovative products which merge design and technology, including the TP 5; the Racer 7 and Racer 5 robots; the Rebel SCARA; the AURA cobot; the Amico humanoid robot concept; the MATE wearable exoskeleton, e.DO, a small, modular, open source robotic arm used for educational purposes, and the LHYTE hybrid laser machine.