Comau North America presents factory of the future at GAMC’s virtual event

September 23 and 24, Comau North America’s  Customer Solution Architect Alessio Bisagni will present “Comau’s Way to IoT and AI: Building the Factory of the Future, Now” at the Global Automotive Management Council’s (GAMC) virtual event. In this presentation, Avagliano will discuss how Comau is approaching digital transformation, and the products and solutions the company offers to those looking to automate their manufacturing facilities. The presentation will focus on Comau’s approach to gathering analytics, specifically those associated with on-line execution monitoring and simulations.

The comprehensive, virtual exposition will host 5 events in one online space within its 2 day span: Automotive Closures Conference, Advanced Laser Applications Conference, Battery Congress, International Automotive Body Congress, and Joining and Fabrication Technologies Conference and Expo. For more information about the event, visit:

If you are interested in learning more about Comau’s digital products and portfolio.