Young people and the value of choices for the future: Comau helps innagurate the ESCP Business School 2020-2021 academic year

Turin, 18 September 2020 – Today, during the opening ceremony of the new 2020-2021 academic year at the Turin Campus of the ESCP Business School, Comau addressed the new generations and invited them to face every future decision, both in life and work, with an innovative mentality and open to change.

The event, which took place live on ESCP Business School’s YouTube channel and included the involvement of ESCP business partners, was attended by Donatella Pinto, Head of HR Comau and Chief Learning Officer FCA. She was joined by Marco Bulgheroni, Senior Vice President Global Product Category Food Preparation of Electrolux, Mauro Giacobbe, President and CEO of, and Matteo Lunelli, President and CEO of Ferrari Trento, in the presence of Francesco Profumo, President of the ESCP Turin Campus. The debate was moderated by Francesco Rattalino, Director of the ESCP Turin Campus.

The theme of the debate, with which both the students and the new ESCP academic year were welcomed, was “Choice”. Specifically, the opportunity of choice, which among its different declinations from professional to personal, allows young people to become future business leaders. There were also four key topics for which the speakers were asked to contribute: Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Intercultural Management and Sustainability.

Young people today have the opportunity to reconcile choices that were once divergent. To do so, it is important to acquire a new mindset and continuously develop new skills, making full use of the opportunities offered by the ongoing digital transformation. This is the only way you will be able to differentiate and establish yourselves; because what matters is what you are, not just what you know,” explained Donatella Pinto, Head of HR Comau and Chief Learning Officer FCA, to participants during her welcome speech.

Comau has been collaborating with ESCP for a long time to develop highly specialized training courses, including the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation (EMMA). The program, which was launched in 2017 and is now in its third edition, was developed with the aim of providing executives, managers and professionals with innovative and updated skills on Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing. “Comau is pleased to work with ESCP, one of the best business schools in the world,” continued Donatella Pinto. “ESCP has embraced the challenge of working in an international environment and is open to collaboration with the business world for the construction of a new educational perimeter composed of business schools and universities, companies and the younger generations.”

The theme of “choice” as an engine for personal and professional growth, was also addressed by Donatella Pinto in her latest book, “Giovani, Università e Azienda: Il nuovo perimetro formativo”. Pinto emphasizes that it is essential, both for the world of training and the corporate world, to continually put young people in first place, as they are the true protagonists of the future. “The new generations are the pillar and the engine of innovation that is required by the market of today’s companies,” concluded Comau’s Head of HR. “For this reason, Comau has full confidence in young people who are future-oriented and capable of making great transformations, thanks in part to the support of new technologies, which must be increasingly understood in order to take advantage of their extraordinary opportunities.”