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Comau presents e.DO, an innovative project where advanced robotics and people meet in an open and modular ecosystem

Comau, taking a starring role, is driving the innovation process in the fields of Advanced Robotics and Industry 4.0. Within the industrial context, Comau recently presented AURA - Advanced Use Robotic Arm, which is an innovative collaborative robot version capable of working side-by-side operators in a production line, in total security. Comau’s commitment to Advanced Robotics, however, goes beyond the perimeter of the factory. The company has developed equally innovative solutions, able to express an open and modular approach, and yet are designed for a consumer-oriented perspective. We are referring of course, to our newest product launch: e.DO. A product that’s also a project.

A project designed in open source, to ensure accessibility to anyone who wants to try their hand in the field of robotics, with a focus on experimentation, education and entertainment, and even taking part in creativity contests.

A project with a completely new, consumer-oriented perspective, intended to develop and grow together with both its users and the community of enthusiasts, who are free to create new applications and make improvements to the project itself.

A project by one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots, that inherits the reliability, company know-how and performance that characterize Comau products and technologies all over the world.

Stay tuned.
e.DO is coming.

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