Roboshop Next Gen

New user experience for robot programming

Roboshop Next Gen is an advanced PC platform designed for efficient simulation and communication with Comau Robot controllers. This innovative solution has evolved from the current Roboshop solution and comes equipped with RoboDK’s third-party software, which significantly enhances cell simulation capabilities.

With its cutting-edge features, Roboshop Next Gen is the ideal choice for streamlining robotic operations and ensure optimal performance.

Roboshop Next Gen offers specialized environments, giving users access to a diverse set of tools and resources.

Our dedicated spaces are designed to ensure seamless navigation and ease of use. Discover all capabilities of Roboshop Next Gen and Explore the key features:

  • Comprehensive hierarchy of your production facility, from the entire line to the robot Control Unit
  • Direct connection to any Control Unit
  • Synchronized connection to NODAL Control Units
  • All files available on the Control Unit and on the external PC
  • Explore the programs and data that are loaded in the connected Control Unit’s memory
  • PDL2 program (.PDL file) edition and translation into an executable format (.COD file)
  • Search and view errors
  • Open a Terminal window for the connected Control Unit, to directly issue commands towards it
  • Advanced Graphical User Interface with:
    • Preview mode for movements and logic: Possibility to see robot movement depending on the logic of the program
    • Data fusion: Possibility to see multiple information on the screen related to the task at hand
  • Simulation/ Offline Programming: Possibility to simulate the robot and cell behavior in the PC environment and easily synchronize the simulated environment and the real robot using a “sync” functionality
  • Self-Guided Programming Approach: Possibility to program with a guided programming approach, improving solution-finding strategies and the program editing experience:
    • Syntax errors Reduction
    • Advanced Autocomplete and editing
  • New User Experience focused on Ease of Use
  • Real trajectory on the 3D environment to see the route in advance (including the logic of the program)
  • Simplified abstraction of programs and toolbox programming (for experienced and new programmers)
  • Quick navigation of all the content of the controller

Roboshop Next Gen software now fully integrates with RoboDK, bringing unparalleled benefits to the world of automation.
RoboDK, a pioneer in the world of robotics simulation and offline programming, and Comau, a global leader in advanced automation solutions and robot manufacturer, offer improved Robotic Simulation and Offline Programming. 

Comau and Robo-DK software solution

The following requirements should be complied for RNG installation on a PC:

  • Windows® PC (not a virtual machine), compatible with all Windows® Desktop OS 64 bit currently supported by Microsoft
  • RAM – minimum size 8 GB
  • Hardware virtualization technology extensions (Intel VT-x, AMD-V) enabled – done on system Bios
  • Administrator rights needed for installation
  • It is strongly recommended to have 16 GB RAM for optimal virtual machine usage.
  • Processor – i7 recent or corresponding

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