Ingrid Process Monitoring Platform

Our innovative networking platform combines digital and physical worlds through sensorization, data analysis and real-time monitoring of equipment, systems and production line.

in.Grid facilitates the acquisition and exchange of data by interconnecting Comau and non-Comau manufacturing machinery and equipment to enable process/technology data monitoring and telemetry for predictive maintenance and productivity goals; furthermore in.Grid tracks not only the automatized production processes but also the manual ones, thanks to personal devices (eg. smartwatch, tablet) provided to the operators. By joining communications, data control and analytics within a single, easy-to-use platform, in.Grid helps you leverage the power of Industry 4.0 in a cost-effective and highly efficient manner.

The data collection, processing and connectivity is done at a machine level, line level or plant level, while the data analysis platform with its high-level algorithms, AI capabilities and storage features can be hosted at the plant itself, at an external data center or on a private cloud. The shared intelligence is then distributed using line-level touch screen computers, mobile devices and wearable electronics.

Key features

  • Comprehensive process and technological data monitoring and telemetry
  • Onsite, offsite and cloud data storage supported
  • Data analytics for Condition Based Maintenance and early alarm generation
  • Easy-to-use interface is fully compatible with wearable devices
  • Brand-independent infrastructure
  • Supervised algorithms based on customer needs and requests

Key benefits

  • Quickly verify production parameters at any stage of the manufacturing process
  • Streamline maintenance operations and prevent problems before they even occur
  • Make manufacturing more efficient and optimized while reducing throughput times
  • Line behavior testing ensures higher productivity, better quality and lower overall costs
  • Open platform supports Comau and non-Comau machines/processes
  • Multiple data storage options can be tailored to customer needs
  • Enable interface for real-time digital twin architecture

in.Grid offering

in.Grid IOT

in.Grid IoT (Internet of Things) collects real-time information of machines and their subcomponents to monitor their health and reduce maintenance costs through advanced algorithm enabling predictive maintenance.

  • Consultancy and assessment
  • Machine IoT-zation
  • Data analytics and advanced telemetry platform
in.Grid MES

in.Grid MES (Manufacturing Execution System) collects the full range of production data in real-time, from raw material acceptance to finished product shipment

  • Production planning, optimization and scheduling algorithmic engine process and data traceability
  • Digital step by step SOP (Standing Operating Procedure) creation
  • Integration of legacy systems