Turnkey systems

Turnkey Machining Solutions and Logistics Automation

A comprehensive approach to system Integration

​​No matter how complex your machining needs, our results-oriented methodology and systems expertise can help get you up and running fast.  We have the competence to develop any machining process and can assure productivity, flexibility and long-term quality with a wide range of modular products that span the entire production chain. In particular, we offer a complete range of assembly and test equipment within the machining process to deliver increased machining & assembly process consistency across the lifetime of your equipment.

Global Experience

Integrated Systems and Turn-key Solutions

Local Support

Modular Services Adapted to Your Business

Our expertise

  • Process Engineering;
  • Machining Modules, Ancillaries
  • System Architecture
  • Automation
  • Workflow Logistics and Simulation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Your needs

  • ​​Quality Achievement
  • Reduced Life Cycle Cost
  • Flexibility

Your benefits

  • ​​Easier Interface Management
  • Guaranteed Process Quality
  • High System Efficiency

Ancillaries equipment

We ensure productivity, long-term quality and continued reliability with a range of ancillaries including   assembly and test equipment within the machining process. We also perform activities ranging from marking and final inspection to handling/logistics and integrate outsourced operations to offer complete turn-key systems including honing, washing and measuring. In other words, we deliver integrated solutions that fully accommodate your diverse manufacturing needs – today and tomorrow.


  • To manage the whole process through one unique supplier
  • To reduce project management costs (single commissioning site, logistics of trial parts)
  • To improve machining & assembly process consistency


  • A complete range of assembly and tests solutions 
  • Robotics solutions for high flexibility
  • Suitable for any kind of process, from manual to automatic

Value Proposition

  • One supplier for both machining and assembly process
  • Reduced logistics of trial parts
  • Process quality 
  • High level of flexibility and re-usability

List of ancillaries made by Comau

  • Guide & Seat Assembly Station
  • Leak test (intermediate and final)
  • Steel balls / plugs / Dowels Assembly station
  • Caps / bedplate / Ladder frame assembly
  • Marking station
  • Final inspection



  • To manage the entire process through one unique supplier
  • To facilitate interfaces
  • To suit to your production level requirement
  • The logistics of production line is the backbone of the system


  • A range of solutions for your production line
  • Robot supply and integration
  • Engineering and supply of specific gripper and floor automation
  • Virtual commissioning

Value Proposition

  • One turnkey supplier mastering the logistics and the interfaces
  • Enhanced OEE
  • High level of flexibility and re-usability
  • Anticipated new or retooling validation by virtual commissioning

Virtual Commissioning: the first step to the Digital Transformation

Virtual Commissioning consists of using 3D simulation tools to test plant changes before these changes actually occur to the physical plant. This technology permits to avoid downtime risks and relative costs, plus leads to fewer startup issues and a faster implementation.

This technology allows to verify and validate plant changes, build a system before greenfield designs are even finalized and, at full extent, use the simulator to train operations and maintenance staff after commissioning or to plan future changes (in this case by engineering experts).