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Specifically designed for today’s arc welding applications, this Hollow Wrist robot can optimize your welding processes and improve your productivity.

Technical specifications

Number of axes6
Maximum wrist payload (Kg)5
Additional load on forearm (Kg)10
Maximum horizontal reach (mm)1951
Torque on axis 4 (Nm)14
Torque on axis 5 (Nm)14
Torque on axis 6 (Nm)4.9
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 1+/- 180° (170°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 2-60° / +155° (175°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 3-170° / +110° (185°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 4+/- 185° (360°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 5+/- 123° (375°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 6+/- 270° (550°/s)
Repeatability (mm)0.05
Tool coupling flangeISO 9409 – 1 – 63 – 4 – M6
Robot weight (Kg)375
Protection classIP65
Mounting positionFloor / Ceiling / Sloped (45° max)
Operating Areas A (mm)2251
Operating Areas B (mm)1951
Operating Areas C (mm)49
Operating Areas D (mm)1257
Operating Areas E (mm)986

What can do

  • Arc Welding

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