Comau showcased battery innovations at 5th “New Energy Battery Conference” in China

Shanghai, March 28, 2024 – The 5th International “New Energy Battery and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Industry Conference” was held in Ningde, China, from March 27th to 28th. The conference featured specialized forums delving into topics such as the intelligent manufacturing of battery cells and packs, battery casing molding and manufacturing, battery thermal management, and safety testing. Over 2000 industry representatives and experts in new energy vehicles convened to explore the latest trends, needs, and industrial innovations in battery manufacturing technology.

During the “Intelligent Manufacturing of Battery Assembly Forum”, Eric Kai, Head of Machining and Robotics APAC and Head of Sales Account Powertrain & Electrification APAC, presented key technologies, innovative solutions, and future development directions in battery manufacturing. He also emphasized Comau’s pivotal role in the battery manufacturing sector and its ongoing commitment to research and development and innovation across various application scenarios and real-life cases.

As a global leader in automation system integration solutions, Comau remains steadfast in delivering full value chain solutions for vehicle and battery manufacturers. With the rapid advancement of new energy vehicles, the company continually enhances its technological edge in electrification. Comau is at the forefront of developing automated manufacturing systems for battery cells, modules and complete packs (with any cell format). With a 360°portfolio of products, processes and technologies, Comau can handle everything from prototyping and pre-production to mass manufacturing, and all the way to end-of-life battery recycling. 

Innovation is ingrained in the DNA of Comau. By prioritizing technological and product innovation, Comau offers a wide range of solutions for different types of batteries, enabling customers to tailor solutions to optimize production efficiency. Comau strives to stay ahead of technological trends in the electrification future through its strong innovation and collaboration network. For example, Comau’s involvement in the FASTEST Project, demonstrates its dedication to leveraging its extensive expertise in digitalization, process simulation, and electrification to significantly improve the speed of testing and validation for automotive batteries to develop the battery testing solution. In addition to this COMAU capabilities to do Simultaneous Engineering helps the clients to have a proper mix of capital investments and operational costs, a reduced footprint of their plants and a proper Time to Market for their products. Furthermore, Comau actively works on battery dismantling technology, with the development of
Flex-BD, a robotic system for automated dismantling of used batteries, which utilizes a flexible, repeatable and standardizable process that allows companies to reduce waste and optimize the reuse of the raw materials that make up battery packs. 

With over 50 years of experience in automation and extensive research into essential process technologies, Comau effectively develops battery solutions that offer high efficiency, reliability and return on investment to meet customer needs.

Eric Kai, Head of Machining and Robotics APAC and Head of Sales Account Powertrain & Electrification APAC