Comau presented its innovative flat wire motor stator solutions at the 2023 Smart Energy Conference

Shanghai, Nov 17, 2023 – The 2023 Smart Energy Conference is being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 15th to 17th. This exhibition aimed to advance future developments and effective use of smart energy, delving into the digitalization of energy and innovative technologies and solutions. Multiple technical forums were held during the event, focusing on industry innovation and development trends. The event attracted R&D and engineering representatives from automotive OEMs, tier1 and tier2 suppliers, fostering collaborative exploration of sustainable industry development.

During the well-attended Flat Wire Motor Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum, Sun Wei, Comau China E-drive product manager, delivered a keynote speech on “Comau’s Flexible Solutions for Efficient Production in Flat Wire Motor Stator Assembly”. The speech provided a detailed overview of Comau’s highly efficient automation solutions in flat wire stator assembly, which cover innovative processes across the various production stages.

Comau’s flat wire motor stator assembly line incorporates the major processes listed below such as automatic hairpin forming (which includes wire feeding, stripping, forming and cutting),  insertion, widening, twisting, passing through laser welding,  and coating (trickling or impregnation),  up to busbar welding. The comprehensive approach guarantees an adaptable and  smart solution. With a focus on high efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy, Comau has innovatively transformed traditional stator production methods to successfully address the challenges focusing on manufacturing efficiency,  labor costs,  flexibility, and  quality. In doing so, the company can fully support multi-variety production, ensuring product quality and reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. Additionally, Comau optimizing the layout of the flat wire stator assembly line, through  a lean planning and a modular design,  is capable to ensure both footprint and energy consumption reductions

According to forecasts from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China’s NEV sales are expected to reach 15 million units by 2025 with a strong penetration rate. Furthermore, market predictions indicate that the market penetration for flat wire motors is expected to exceed 90% in the same year. The flat wire stator, as a core component, is projected to contribute to a market size of over 10 billion yuan by 2025. This trend underscores the potential growth and innovation opportunities in the smart energy sector.

Leveraging 50 years of expertise in automation and continuous dedication to the automotive industry, Comau demonstrates a profound understanding of customer pain points and technological development trends. The company actively explores new technologies and processes, collaborates with customers to drive innovation, empowers efficient production, and solidifies its leading strength in the field of automated solutions for flat wire stators in new energy vehicles.